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Our Sinhalese Food
& Ayurveda

Experience the taste of Sri Lanka. I believe our Sri Lankan curries are the best in the world. We have vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat options. Ayurveda plays a big part in our eating culture.

Ayurveda can be translated with “science about life”. It is the ancestral knowledge about the health of a human being. Ayurveda aims a healthy, long life which is said to be achieved by 50% till 80% by nutrition only. We are what and how we eat. That is why we Sri Lankans use our fingers for eating, because we feel the ingredients and do not need to wash the cutlery.

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Villa Svara kosgoda food hoppers


The main ingredients in Sri Lankan hoppers are rice flour, coconut milk, eggs and a little secret ingredient that makes the edges extra crispy. Available in roadside stalls, all hotels and Sen Sal bakeries, hoppers will surely make you happy.
Villa Svara kosgoda food string hoppers

String Hoppers

Iddyappam or String Hoppers a favourite breakfast dish in Sri Lanka. It is also good choice for a light dinner. This specially eaten with Kri Hodhi, Fresh Pol Sambol and Dal Curry or any Curry. String Hoppers made with wheat flour or rice flour.
Villa Svara kosgoda food seafood

Sea Food

Sri Lanka being a tropical island, it has a bounty of seafood delights which bursts with tantalising flavours. From the celebrated lagoon mud crab to lobsters, jumbo prawns and cuttlefish, the island has a great basket of seafood to offer.
Villa Svara kosgoda food cooked jackfruit

Cooked Jackfruit

Cooked using green jackfruit or as you might also call raw jackfruit. Many of us now identify with jackfruit as a vegan meat substitute. This vegan dish makes a perfect meatless meal for any day of the week. And if you visit the island, this is one Sri Lankan vegan curry dish you don’t want to miss.
Villa Svara kosgoda food kottu roti

Kottu Roti

You can’t ever visit Sri Lanka and leave without eating Kottu roti. If you take a stroll down any part of the country in the late evening, you’ll be greeted with the sound of street vendors making kottu roti from a fair distance away. Kottu roti will have that effect on many Sri Lankans.
Villa Svara kosgoda food vegetable and egg roti

Vegetable & Egg Roti

Roties, pastries with origin in South India, now widely spread all around Sri Lanka. These Rotis are made by mixing flour and water with a bit of salt to taste and rolling into golf sized balls and soaking them in oil for a couple of hours. It is available nearly everywhere. Sri Lankans eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.
Villa Svara kosgoda food Learn How to Cook

Learn How to Cook

Experience the taste of Sri Lanka within a cooking class. I believe our Sri Lankan curries are the best in the world. We have vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat options. We go to the local market together and buy our ingredients fresh from the merchants. Afterwards, we head back to the kitchen and cook with my wife, who is definitely the better chef. She will teach you how to cook traditional Sri Lankan curries. At the end you will also learn how to eat like a real Sri Lankan, by using your fingers. You will love it.